Traditional Schools Vs. Homeschooling

leave-364178_640Schools are places of learning. In the beginning, only the wealthy or the children of the ruling class can learn and study. Later on, people from the higher classes offered to teach those who are from the ordinary ranks of life. And thus, schools were born.

Schools first began to teach mostly male students. And then they included girls and then children of every color or raise. However with the rise of school system, there is also the rise of problems that come along with it.

Benefits of Traditional Schools

Traditional schools are the foundation of social skills of a child. Here, he or she learns to socialize and relate with others. Traditional schools also teach children about the reality of life and the up and downs of being in a society.

Children who go to a traditional school normally face competition with other children. They learn how to work hard in order to be the best. They also learn what it means to be better than others.

On the other hand, friendship, cooperation and camaraderie is also fostered in traditional schools. Here a child grows to be a person who sees others as his equals and becomes friends with them. He or she learns that in order to survive, one must have friends.

Emotions are fostered in traditional schools. Relationships and love grow from there. But there is also the case of peer pressure and bullying. Traditional schools of course cater to different people and differences can cause friction.

Benefits of Homeschooling


Homeschooling has been on the rise for the past couple of years. It has been established due to bullying and many factors in traditional schools. Homeschooling allows children to learn in their own phase which means they learn without pressure.

Pressure free learning is beneficial because children can grow in studying with fearing learning or school. They see activities in different subjects as enjoyable learning experiences. Though there may be some hurdles that they may encounter, they will normally find learning as something pleasant.

Another benefit of homeschooling is that parents can have a direct supervision on their child. This means no bullying and no partaking of alcohol or drugs. Children are not put in situations that put them in emotional torture, embarrassment or depression.

During homeschooling, a child or a teen can pursue other endeavors like sports, arts and music. Many Olympians are home-schooled. Young dancers or ballerinas study at home or have special learning scheme made for them. This allows them to do things that they would not be able to do if they went to a regular school.

On the other hand, a child who has never experienced social encounters such as in a school may grow shy and withdrawn. He or she may not be able to carry out heavy emotional issues in the future since he has never experienced them as an adult.

Which One is Better?

Both traditional schools and homeschooling have their pros and cons. Most parents opt for traditional schools because they want their children to experience school first hand. Aside from that parents who work many be unable to attend to their child’s studies.

Homeschooling is for those whose children are extremely smart or may be lagging behind. These children feel like they do not fit in to the normal school They feel that they cannot learn with others well. Also children who are often bullied should be home-schooled so that they may be free from the pain of bullying.

When choosing a style of learning for your child, you must be able to consider what he or she wants as well. You need to consider what would benefit him both emotionally and mentally.

Learning can be done anywhere. Take note that a happy child learns better than an upset child.