Are The School Subjects of Today Still Relevant?

library-488678_640Most children spend six years in elementary school, six years in middle school and high school and some go on to college for four or five years. Others continue still on to take graduate courses to pursue mastery in the fields they chose. But are the school subjects today still relevant?

When children grow up and enter college, they become adults, thus they are treated like adults. They are given the chance to learn and sometimes even choose the subjects they are to take. However this is not the case for elementary school, middle school and high school.

Standardized Subjects Vs. Elective Subjects

As a general rule, most schools follow standardized subjects. The government has a say on the lessons that are being taught in class. Standardized lessons ensures that children will get equal opportunities. Standardization also helps the government measure success and progress easily. However standardization may not work for everyone. Some children may not learn in this method.

Standardization though has many benefits. Children can learn and grow together because they know that they are learning the same thing. Teachers do not have to work on 30 different projects for 30 different students. She needs to prepare one lesson plan and just tweak it a little to help those who are struggling. Aside from that, standardized learning can help parents, teachers and children put a bench mark for learning and studying goals.

However, not all children are the same. If you put children in a box, they may find it difficult to grow and learn. The pressures of conforming and achieving can be harsh on them. Bullying can be an issue for children who cannot follow the norm set by the school. Some students may even fall into depression because he or she feels that she is inadequate and therefore unintelligent.

Learning is for Everyone

Learning should be for everyone. Every child should be given the chance to learn. You cannot a judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Kids should be allowed to learn concepts and ideas that suit their needs.

Providing elective classes can be a solution for this issue. Children can still learn the standard lessons but still have the chance to learn what he or she feels is suited for him or her. Classes such as art, dance, music and the likes should offered. This would help the creativity of a child.

Aptitude tests should be given to children to know their interests, strengths and weaknesses. This would help people gauge what future the child is to have and what subjects are suited for him or her.

This blog is written by a teacher and a mother, and tells us lots of interesting things about the way children learn, including using imaginative play.

Another option is homeschooling. In homeschooling, the parents can choose the activities and programs that their children can have. They can teach them art if the child wants to learn art, cooking if the child wants to learn how to cook.

Why not take our poll about homeschooling to let us know if this is something you have ever considered.

Relevance of School Subjects

A lot of times, we can hear students say that why they need to study Algebra or Chemistry when they will not go into these fields. A basic knowledge in science, maths, languages and history to form a well rounded individual. However, there are school subjects that may not be for everyone. Learning life skills should also be given importance. Children need to learn as early as their elementary school the things that they would be doing in the future.

Yes, you may say that they may change their minds but they need to learn things not just bound for school but also for life.

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