How to Survive a Terror Teacher?

Terror teachers are part and parcel of a normal life in school. From elementary school until college, you’ll encounter different sorts of teachers that may scare your or even fail you. But how can you survive school if you ever find yourself with a terror teacher.

What to Do?

When you want to survive a terror teacher, you need to be cunning and wise. You need to have patience, courage and even have some wit to do so. Terror teachers are terror for a reason. But if you know how to handle them, they can stop making your life hell.

1. Suck up to the teacher – If you want to get on the good side of a terror teacher you have to be able to give him a reason not to terrorize you. You can give him food, or help him carry his books or volunteer to help him check the papers. You can do things for you teacher so he does not get mad at you.

2. Participate in Class – Teachers love students who are participate. They want students who are eager to learn. So be ready! Read even a bit and prepare for your classes. Recite and class and don’t just sit there.

3. Avoid sleeping – Terror teachers don’t like students who are lazy and sleep all day. Don’t sleep in class. Drink lots of coffee if you must or glue your eyelids open.

4. Pray – Pray and pray that your teacher will not pick on you. Pray that he does not call you to recite. Pray that you don’t pee in his class. Pray for mercy!

You Can Do It

Even the teacher that you have is the scariest and meanest person in the world, you’ll be able to survive it. You’ll face more daunting people in the future so do not fear this sort of teacher. You need to picture your dream and be willing to do anything, even going to class to face a terror teacher everyday.