Holiday Cheer and Gift Giving Or Is It Just Materialism?


The holidays are fast approaching and Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 are around the corner. The weather is becoming colder and colder. People are getting pretty excited. Shops now start decorating their stores with holiday stuff for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. People start writing down the names of the people who they will buy gifts for. They start preparing for the celebrations to come. But what are holidays all about?

Holidays and Commercialism

Since the 1930s holidays have been equated to shopping and gift giving. Though is nothing wrong with giving gifts to your loved ones, many people have used this to turn family days into commercial days where marketing, advertising and profits are given much more importance.

Giant companies conduct market researches in order for them get into the mind of the shoppers. They have researched on children what they would want. They would put up colorful and beautiful display in the stores to push sales.

Many people have now changed and think that without material things on their holidays, they feel lost and empty. They feel at a loss when they have no new clothes, gadgets and other stuff on Christmas morning.

Benefits of Commercialism

Commercialism is not all that bad. Many people find jobs during the holidays because of additional staff needed during these days. Aside from that many stores put up good sales discounts so that they can complete with their competitors. This gives the consumer a better deal.

Big sale days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday give huge discounts to people so that the things that people cannot normally buy or afford like clothes and good groceries and food are much cheaper for the weekend.  Amazon used to be the main shop for this but there are many.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping used to be a tradition only found in the states but now its in the UK too and other nations as well.

Very old TVs can be replaced because electronics cost much less on this days. People can buy enough clothes for a year at a much lower rate than buying per season.

Christmas sales are everywhere right after Thanksgiving allowing people to pick up gifts at a cheaper prices than what they normally cost. Companies give to charities so that they can be more popular. Their intent maybe for advertising and popularity, but they still give which is what is important

How to Celebrate The Holidays From the Heart

heart photoHolidays are about family, love and kindness. They are about reconnecting to the people we love and care for the most. The gifts are just add-ons though they do give a material representation of our love.

1. Teach children the true meaning of the holidays – Don’t let them just focus on gifts. Let them know that many people are suffering around the world ask them what they can do or give to the world for the holidays. They can make a small donation. They can drop some money in the donation box at the mall. They need to know the value of sharing.

2. Don’t sacrifice time with your family just to shop – Many people cut their Thanksgiving dinner because they want to shop on Black Friday. Remember that spending time with your family is more important. You can always shop online on Cyber Monday or catch up on Saturday after Thanksgiving. People will forget gifts but they will never forget good memories you shared.

3. Share your blessings – Try to be a good Samaritan even for once a year. Give food to homeless people who don’t have anything for the holidays. Volunteer in soup kitchens. Be kind to others. Don’t push in the mall. Simple things count.

4. Give handmade gifts – They may take time and effort to make but they do represent the love that comes from your heart. If you buy gifts try to make them more personal, write a card with a heartfelt message that is more than one line only. Tell the people in you letter how much they mean to you.  If you don’t know what to make why not consider chocolates they are quite easy to make?

5. Rest – Many people equate the holidays with stress, but it should not be. These days are normally official non working holidays which means you should rest and relax. Order take out if you don’t realy feel like cooking and just have a happy banter with the family. Watch old movies on TV and just chill.

The holidays and material things now already go hand in hand but this does not mean that we should lose our values. It only means that we can share our love more. But remember that your presence is more important than any gift you can ever buy.